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Throughout the last 20 years of working with our veterinarian clients we have had the chance to see their practices in all phases of development: from startup and family transitions, to growth and acquisitions, and finally to selling and retirement.

Whether you are beginning your career as a veterinarian, or looking to retire in the next few years, most vets wonder how their unique journey is going to play out.  How does one put all of the pieces of their financial puzzle together to see what the big picture will look like for the next 10, 20, or 50 years? 

  • Do I pick a date to completely retire or am I going to work part time for a while? 
  • Do I sell my practice or just lease the space I own to another veterinarian? 
  • Do I hire a younger veterinarian to eventually take over my practice? If I do, will I receive a larger buyout price? 
  • What value do I place on my practice as part of retirement?
  • How can I predict what my assets will be? How do I know if I will reach my goals?

Here at Balderson & Hebert, LLC we help you answer these types of questions!  Through our Financial Planning process we are able to collate and organize all of the parts and pieces of one's professional life into a concise document that allows you to understand what your future will look like based on the important decisions you make today. 

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