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  • Can I take Medicare early?
  • Can I delay taking Medicare?
  • Are there penalties for not signing up for Medicare?
  • If my spouse passes away do I lose my Medicare plan?
  • Why do I pay more for my Part B than my neighbor?


Medicare can be very confusing for individuals approaching age 65.  Most of the confusion comes from people mixing up the government run Medicare programs Part A, B, C and D,  and the private insurance policies that are sold to supplement or complete the Medicare programs . 

The first step is to make sure you get enrolled in the government Medicare program in a timely manner.  For most long term working employees and spouses of employees, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A. This will leave a decision of when to enroll in Part B.  If you are retired before age 65 or are retiring at age 65 you should enroll before you turn age 65.

The second step is to choose which, if any, a Medicare medical supplement and prescription plan.  There are traditional Medicare supplements. Medicare advantage plans, prescription drug only plans, and combination Medicare advantage with prescription coverage included type plans.  This is where it can become overwhelming.  There are many plans offered and you will receive a stack of mail starting about six months before you turn 65.

How do I make sense of all this? 

Follow the link below, or contact our office at (509) 327-1171 and we will send you a brochure from HorsesMouth™ explaining the Medicare basics. We will then be available to answer any questions you still have after you have had a chance to read through the information.