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Jon Allen is a SmartVestor Pro* and a part of the Dave Ramsey* Endorsed Local Provider program since 2003 in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

My firm is committed to providing simple, common sense education and empowerment, seeking to give hope to everyone, regardless of their age or income. We provide an easy-to-understand and ethical approach for solving the investing and financial planning challenges of today's marketplace.

We strive to learn and understand individual and business financial information, build and maintain long-lasting relationships, and provide the highest quality information, service, and products to help bring financial confidence.



Retirement Isn't An Age; It's a Financial Number.

Whether you're fresh out of college or you've been working for 30 years, it's time to get serious about retirement. It's never too early. It's never too late. Learn the basics here and get started today!

Start With a Firm Foundation.

You should consider investing for retirement as well as doing these two things: pay off all debt but the house and sav up three to six months of expenses.

Determine How Much You Need To Save.

Retirement isn't an age. It's a financial number. It's the amount of money you'll need to enjoy the kind of retirement you want. Plan how much you need to save for retirement with our helpful calculator tool.

Follow a Simple Investing Plan.

Consider investing 15% of your gross income into pretax retirement accounts and Roth IRAs. If you decide to invest you should consider putting your retirement money into mutual funds with a great track record. 

With Retirement Investments, Think Marathon, Not Sprint.

The longer you keep your retirement money invested, the more it can grow with the magic of compound interest. 


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*Working with a SmartVestor Pro does not guarantee investment success, and no assurance can be made that working with a SmartVestor Pro will produce better results than working with a financial professional not affiliated with the program. Financial professionals pay a fee to be a SmartVestor Pro. Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor Pro are affiliates of or affiliated with Voya Financial Advisors or Balderson & Hebert, LLC.